July 29, 2021

Minister Kambala owe’s Malawians an explanation on NOCMA

In November 2020, Minister of Energy, Hon. Newton Kambala was quoted in the media having effected suspensions of 9 National Oil Company of Malawi [NOCMA] officials because of corruption, leaving one Mrs. Helen Buluma, who was later appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer.

When inaugurating one of the Hotels in Blantyre, President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera said Mrs. Helen Buluma must be removed from NOCMA as she is part of the rubble that demands to be cleared as soon as yesterday to avoid further problems at the company.

Ever since the suspensions of the 9 NOCMA officials was effected and President Dr. Chakwera’s directive that Mrs. Buluma be removed from NOCMA there has been silence from Government. Mrs. Buluma is still at the helm of making decisions of tenders and fuel contracts while the company has no Chief Executive Officer as she is the Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Muvi wa Chilungamo says Minister of Energy Hon Newton Kambala owes Malawians an explanation as to why Mrs. Helen Buluma is still at NOCMA contrary to President Dr. Chakwera’s directive that she must be removed and whether the 9 suspended NOCMA officials have been  reinstated to their positions or not.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, claimed that the Tonse Alliance during its campaign trail campaigned against the DPP, that it was giving fuel tenders and contracts to its party loyalties and sympathizers while they in Government are doing the same saying this is the main reason that MERA and NOCMA are at loggerheads.

Jumah suspects that there is someone behind the Tonse Alliance Government secretly siding with Mrs. Buluma to remain at NOCMA observing that Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC], Mr. Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi is the Board Chairperson of NOCMA, saying this is not giving a clear picture that President Dr. Chakwera can stand against corruption while his secretary, is the Board Chairperson of a company which is involved in corruption scandals for fuel contracts and tenders.

He lamented that the stench of skyrocketing of fuel prices has reached Malawians reminding Government that fuel has been hiked in Malawi for 3 or 4 times and plans are underway to push the prices upward again, questioning why it is busy fixing something which is not broken. 

“…Hon. Minister Kambala, I urge you to stand up for justice, someone up there is supporting the presence of Mrs. Buluma at NOCMA, clear your name for Malawians to trust and respect you, the blame is going to you but you are not, wash your hands for Malawians to know on who is shooting down the President’s directives…,” said Jumah.

The Commander in Chief, reminded the Tonse Alliance Government that if Malawi had a president who was loved and hated most, was former President, the late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika because of fuel crisis where the country was at a standstill, saying hiking fuel prices will have the Tonse Government collapse.

He asked President Dr. Chakwera to watch out and open his eyes, people are angry with his Tonse Alliance Government alleging that some people are controlling President Dr. Chakwera’s decisions making all the directives he previously made hitting a blank wall as evidenced by his Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC] becoming Chairperson of a company where people are fighting for fuel tenders and contracts.

By Vincent Gunde

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