May 18, 2021

Ministry disregard the Plight of Teachers

The Freedom of Worship Association Movement, says it has noted with great trepidation that the Minister of Education, Hon. Agnes NyaLonje seems to be in total disregard of the plight of teachers in Malawi to the extent that teachers have had to re-commence their industrial action because of failure of the Minister to address their concerns.

The Movement says it is sad to note that the Minister’s failure to take action is affecting millions of students in public schools who are being denied their right to education, saying the recently released MSCE results is a clear manifestation of the poor state of the country’s education system and the Movement cannot afford to live teachers’ grievances undressed.

Education ministry giving a blind eye to what is affecting classes for innocent students

In a letter addressed to the Minister, with copies to the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Secretary for Labour and Co-Chairperson, Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 dated 7th April, 2021, signed by Ras Jerafaya  Geoffrey Phomea  reads in part…….’’It is deplorable to note that an Alliance of 9 political parties is failing to ably handle issues of teachers’ welfare in light of the Covid-19 pandemic,’’…………

The Freedom of Worship Association Movement is therefore calling upon the Minister to immediately call for a meeting with Teachers’ Union of Malawi [TUM] and all stakeholders to map the way forward.

Minister of Information, Hon. Gospel Kazako told the state-run radio that Government is committed to resolving the on-going teachers Stay Away in the country expecting to meet the Malawi Congress of Trade Union [MCTU] and TUM officials at a meeting Thursday 8th April, 2021 to map the way forward.

But, speaking to one of the local radio stations, TUM President Willie Malimba said he doesn’t find any relevance to the Thursday meeting with the Government Negotiating Team and he did not receive a direct invitation to the meeting.

Meanwhile, Youth and Society [YAS] has threatened the Tonse Alliance Government that it will seek a legal redress and holding demonstrations if Government and TUM fail to resolve on the teachers concerns and grievances. Its Programs Manager, Amos Simwela lamented that the teachers Stay Away has affected millions of children who are staying at home and their rights to education being infringed in the process.

By Vincent Gunde

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