June 19, 2021

MIRECE Wants PAC Out of MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 Issues

A-Governance and Human Rights organization, Millennium Information and Resource Centre [MIRECE], has asked the Public Accounts Committee [PAC] of Parliament to pave way for other independent organizations like the ACB and Ombudsman to investigate MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse in Malawi.

MIRECE says of late, PAC is taking an active role in investigating the MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse providing checks and balances in public accounts as mandated by its Act of Parliament but has forgotten the issue happened two years ago, Constituency Development Fund [CDF] abuse by Members of Parliament [MPs].

The organization says it is wondering why PAC is taking an active involvement in Covid-19 abuse when it was supposed to release a report on its CDF investigations saying to this day, nothing has come out and it has switched their attention to Covid-19 issues to be proved that it is siding with Malawians .

In a statement released by its Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, MIRECE says PAC has been conducting investigations in institutions like Labour and other Ministries on MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 issues saying it is very concerned that while PAC has failed to clear its house on CDF abuse by MPs , its concentration has gone to MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse.

MIRECE says Malawians have lost public confidence with PAC for ordering Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP and Paramount Chief Mbelwa of Mzimba to pay back the allowances and fuel they pocketed out of MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds saying the one who released and signing the cheques is still not known to this day.

The organization has expressed hope that the ACB and the Office of the Ombudsman can do a good job to be trusted by Malawians than the PAC which is owing Malawians a report on CDF abuse by MPs saying people in the villages are still suffering for no bridges, no roads , no hospitals and no schools while politicians are abusing the CDF.

……..’’PAC would have been earning praises by now for bringing to book all MPs who have abused CDF in their constituencies, but their interest is on another issue of MK6.2 Billion Covid-19 funds abuse,’’……..said Reverend Somanje.

MIRECE has commended government for appointing Martha Chizuma as Director General of the ACB, saluting her for performing excellently while she was Ombudsman with a hope that Malawi will now be a better country to live free from corruption.

The organization says it is the wish of all Malawians of goodwill to see to it that their country is fogging- ahead in developments with its resources protected and safeguarded, and is urging PAC to give Malawians a detailed report on how CDF is being abused by Parliamentarians saying trusted institutions must be accountable to Malawians.MIRECE is asking PAC to come out with a report on how MPs raised their salaries by themselves from October, 2020 with arrears amounting to MK 3Million plus other honoraria allowances saying Malawians wants to know the truth about it when the same they have been labeling Malawi as a poor country.  

By Vincent Gunde

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