June 19, 2021

MISA Malawi congratulate Kasakula’s appointment to MBC

MISA Malawi has congratulated Times Group Editor-in-Chief, George Kasakula on his appointment as Director General of the public broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [MBC].

MISA Malawi says it understands that Kasakula’s appointment followed the due process of law and believes the appointment is a vote of confidence by the Board that Kasakula is qualified and right person to lead the process of bringing the much needed reforms at MBC.

The media body has described Kasakula’s appointment as coming at a time when Malawians continue to complain about the partisan nature of programming by the public broadcaster, MBC, which requires a strong, professional and law abiding Director General.

In a statement dated 06th May 2021 signed by its Chairperson, Teresa Temweka Ndanga, MISA Malawi is reminding Mr. Kasakula of Section 109 of the Communications Act which provides a framework on MBC’s public service obligations, among others, the Act states that MBC shall provide public broadcasting services in accordance with the principles.

MISA Malawi says the Communications Act provides MBC to refrain from broadcasting any matter expressing its opinion or opinion of the corporation on current affairs or on matters of public policy, provide balanced coverage of any elections and supporting the democratic process.

The body adds MBC shall function without any political bias and independently of any person or entity, encouragement of free and informed opinion on all matters of public interest and respect for human rights, the rule of law and the Constitution.

…”We find comfort in the Communications Act of 2016 which provides a good legal and operational support to every individual who occupies the high office of Director General at the public broadcaster…,’’ reads part of the statement.

MISA Malawi is expecting Mr. Kasakula to follow the law to the letter as he takes up the challenging but very important task of steering MBC from muddy waters of politics to the legally and professionally expected realm of public interest.

The Board of MBC, which is duly empowered to appoint the MBC Director General, confirmed the appointment of George Kasakula on Wednesday, 5th May 2021.

Kasakula has replaced Aubrey Sumbuleta who was fired and found guilty of sexually abusing female employees in a report presented by the Malawi Human Rights Commission [MHRC].

Meanwhile, Jefu wa Jefule on her Facebook page has congratulated Mr. George Kasakula for being handpicked because of campaigning for MCP, saying being an MCP member is the only qualification of Kasakula.

…”Kasakula is a MCP bootlicker, …[Langizo MBC siyachipani, Zaukongeresi uku ayi,] MBC is not for any political party…,’’ reads the walls on Jefu wa Jefule’s page.

According to Jefu wa Jefule, Kasakula from Kasungu was number 4, Dr. Jolly Max Ntaba 2, and number one was Sangwani Mwafulirwa. 

By Vincent Gunde

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