May 18, 2021

Mpinganjira Foundation donates PPE to Adventist Health Services

The Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation has donated 10 Million Kwacha personal protective equipment [PPE] items for Covid-19 pandemic to Adventist Health Services.

The Foundation has commended the outstanding work the Adventist Health Services is doing in saving lives in its hospitals, asking the Almighty God, to continue blessing the institution, its leadership and all staff so that more lives can be saved now, and in the years to come.

In a statement dated 25th February 2021, the Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation says it believes in partnership to create synergy for greater impact hence working together with the Adventist Health Services to fight the Covid -19 pandemic.

………”Collectively, we are going to win the Covid -19 battle,’’…..reads part of their encouraging words.

The Mpinganjira Foundation says it is aiming to use creative approaches to bring hope and joy to the under privileged by improving their outcomes in the health and education sectors as well as creating an enterprise development platform to enable the youth with creative business ideas to flourish.

The Foundation is also aiming at to facilitating the development of more educated, healthier and wealthier people through job creation, building communities and sustainable livelihoods.The Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation are strong and dedicated members serving the Lord of Holy in the Sevenths Day Adventist Church, Southern Malawi Field.

By Vincent Gunde

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