July 29, 2021

Mtambo Calls on Chiefs & Religious Leaders Promote Unity

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Hon. Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, has called on traditional and religious leaders to promote unity and peace in their communities saying the Ministry’s core responsibility and mission is civic and empower Malawians and promote unity in the country.

Mtambo said his Ministry is consulting traditional and religious leaders and getting views of the people as it is prepares to institute a day of National Unity and cultural heritage for all the people of Malawi to be part and parcel of.

He said the Tonse Alliance Government under the leadership of President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera believe in Tonse concept, sensitizing people to understand the mission and mandate of the Ministry and raising awareness on rights of vulnerable groups of people including Persons with Albinism, rights of women and children and Covid-19 pandemic which has now entered into its 3rd Wave.

Speaking during an interface meeting with traditional and religious leaders civic engagement on Government obligations, citizen’s responsibilities, national values and unity held at the Dowa boma, Hon. Mtambo said NGOs, traditional and religious leaders are civic education providers to go to their respective communities and pass the message of change to the people.

Mtambo called for mindset change by Malawians to forget about the past and start working for the new Malawi wokomela Tonse saying traditional and religious leaders play a crucial role in national unity by ensuring that the two sides in conflict are brought together on to a negotiating table for amicable solution.

He said everyone in Malawi has a duty to play in Malawi wokomela tonse, leaders demonstrating servant leadership and people taking part in developments of their respective communities; deploring the acts of destroying bridges, sign post, and others, reminding Malawians that they are government themselves and whatever they are destroying is not for government, it is for theirs.

“…We want every view to be taken in accordance with the National policy on Civic Education launched in November, 2020, all stakeholders need to raise awareness on the rights of the people so that everyone views is respected…,’’ said Mtambo.

The Minister said his Ministry will establish Malawi Peace and Unity Commission, and the Bill will be presented to Parliament saying if God allows, Malawi will have the first ever Commission which will look into all the past atrocities committed by the previous Governments for reconciliation processes for people to work together as one.

Mtambo stated meanwhile, his Ministry is piloting a District Peace and Unity Commission in six districts of the country including Karonga, Nkhatabay, Kasungu and Mangochi among others, so as to provide a role in conflict resolution for people to sit down peacefully without harming one another. 

By Vincent Gunde

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