September 28, 2021

Mtambo Hands Himself Into Police Custody under heavy protests

Mtambo walking to Area 3 Police station to hand himself in

By Erik Chiputula

Police in Lilongwe have arrested Human Rights Defenders Coalition(HRDC) chairperson Timothy Mtambo who surrendered himself to them on Tuesday afternoon.

Mtambo walking to Area 3 Police station to hand himself in

Mtambo has joined fellow members of HRDC, Gift Trapenzi and McDonald Sembeleka who were arrested on Sunday for allegedly inciting violence and plotting to shut down State House.

He told journalist before his arrest that despite intimidations they will not surrender the plans to shut State House “I have come to surrender myself to them to show them that am not scared of anyone”

“There’s nothing wrong to go and surrender our concerns to president at State House and we will go on with our plan after they release us” said Mtambo

Mtambo supporters chanting songs of his release

Lawyer for Mtambo Nkhwima Mchizi comfirmed that he is in custody waiting for Lilongwe High Court ruling “Yes I can comfim that Timothy Mtambo is at Area 3 Police where they(together with Sembereka and Trapense) will be waiting to appear before court”

Upon Mtambo’s arrival at Lilongwe Area3 Police chaos erupeted as a mob which escorted him started protesting against his arrest.

Police used teargas to dispanse the angry mob which started pelting stornes at police and they burn tyres near the main entrance to the Police Station.

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