July 29, 2021

Mzuzu Court Grants Senior Chief Mtwalo’s Case Withdraw

The Mzuzu Magistrate Court has granted withdrawal of the case involving Senior Chief Mtwalo of Mzimba who slapped a Senior Police Officer, Inspector Thomas Chirwa, while on duty on Wednesday.

Inspector Chirwa is reported to have told the court that the matter will be settled out of the court adding the chief is more like his father as he hails from Mzimba and is a son of Mzimba.

Principal Resident Magistrate Paul Chiotcha has since acquitted the accused, completely dismissing the case.

Earlier, before Senior Chief Mtwalo was expected to appear before the court to answer an assault case, it is alleged that a high powered delegation went to Ezondweni Police Unit to meet the victim, Mr. Thomas Chirwa, for a possible withdraw of the case.

According to the alleged reports, the delegation comprised of Rev. Sibande [retired], Rev. Dr. Nyirenda [retired], Ndabazake Thole, Prof. Boston Soko, David Nkuna, Dan Msowoya and Prof. Yindoli Othaniel Hara to offer five heads of cattle as one way of apologizing for what the Senior Chief did. 

Senior Chief Mtwalo During Happier Times

Senior Chief Mtwalo handed himself over to the police on Wednesday evening after he was summoned for questioning by Senior Police officers and spent a night in the cooler waiting to appear before the Mzuzu Court on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the alleged reports are indicating that Senior Chief Mtwalo has given a heavy bull to Inspector Thomas Chirwa to withdraw the case.

By Vincent Gunde

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