September 28, 2021

PAC adopts Kawale’s Motion, Chizuma confirmed

There was drama in the Public Affairs Committee [PAC] of Parliament meeting on Monday afternoon when DPP members walked out of the room unhappy with the notice of motion filed by Dowa North East Constituency MP, Dalitso Sam Kawale, for the committee to rescind its earlier decision to reject Martha Chizuma as the new ACB Chief.

DPP Honorable members: Victor Musowa, Mary Navitcha, Chifundo Makonde and Masauko White did not want any motion to be moved to rescind the decision already reached at, of not confirming Ms. Martha Chizuma for reasons best explained by themselves.

Despite the four DPP members protest as seen walking out of the room, PAC went on to adopt a motion to confirm Ms. Martha Chizuma as the new  Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB].

PAC Chairperson, Hon. Joyce Chitsulo said out of 13 members present, 12 voted in favour of Chizuma, one abstained and four DPP members walked out of the room in protest of the decision reached to adopt a motion saying the missing of the DPP members in the room, did not bring any effect because the quorum was already reached for voting processes.

“…It is within procedures of the standing orders to have the committee change its earlier decision not to confirm Ms. Chizuma…,’’ said Chitsulo.

On 11th May 2021, PAC rejected Ms. Chizuma as the new Director General of the ACB and this was received with national condemnation, that MPs are thieves and gangsters afraid of Chizuma that once confirmed, she will be arresting them for their thieving syndrome in Government.

Speaking earlier before meeting face to face with PAC in the first meeting, Chizuma promised to look at the files of former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi’s MK1.7 Billion corruption case which has stalled for a decade leading to some quarters of the society calling for discontinuation of the case saying it is draining a lot of Government money.

Social media commentator, Onjezani Kenani, has since congratulated Ms. Martha Chizuma on being confirmed as Director General of the ACB, thanking Hon. Lilian Patel MP and others who helped good to trump over evil, and renown legal expert, John-Gift Mwakhwawa has an advice to Chizuma on Oaths and lies; Doctors, Nurses and Judges among others, take Oaths of office, lawyers do not.

” …Do not believe in every opinion they give you, especially when its free, congratulations Matha Chizuma…,’’ reads his writing on the wall.

And Lord Denning QB ,writing on his Facebook, …”NOW, it is alleged that they want to get an injunction against the afterthought confirmation of Martha Chizuma saying it is interesting to hear what their grounds actually are.”

“…I have, however, no doubt they know the behavior of the court to slap those that attempt to engage it with frivolous applications…,’’ reads his writing.

By Vincent Gunde

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