June 19, 2021

Police Arrests KFC Employ for Harassing Female Guard

Police in Lilongwe have arrested an employee of KFC, Mr. Adil Patel, working as a Storekeeper for harassing a female guard of Omega Security Company, a Mrs. B. Tchale on Friday evening.

A truck came to offload some goods at KFC and Mr. Patel agreed to sell the pallets, which came with the goods, to some police officers at a price of K4,500.00. Mrs. Tchale was tasked to deliver the pallets to the customers and collect the money; the customers gave her K4,000.00 with the balance of K500 to be given later.

Mr. Patel was informed and he kept on asking for the balance. When Mrs. Tchale returned to the customer to collect the balance, she was given K500 and was advised not to give it to Mr. Patel who kept on asking for the money; until 04 June 2021 when Patel pounced on her in front of the customers in a physical fight.

Mr. Adil Patel is in the hands of Area 3 Police Station in Lilongwe, where he has been charged with common assault and will appear before the Lilongwe Magistrate Court on Monday, 07 June 2021 while Mrs. Tchale was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour says it has learnt with dismay the conduct of an Indian employ of KFC, Mr. Adil Patel, applauding the Malawi Police Service for their quick apprehension, interrogations and charging for the offence of common assault.

The Ministry has condemned in strongest terms possible this deplorable behavior at working place, condemning any form of unacceptable behaviors and practices, or threats whether a single occurrence or repeated that aim at result in, or are likely to result in physical, psychological, sexual or economic harm, and includes Gender Based Violence and harassment.

In the statement signed by the Secretary for Labour, Dickson Chunga, the Ministry is appealing to all employers and employees to desist from any form of violence and harassment at work as well as criminal activities.

“…All employers and employees are being warned that Government will not spare anyone who violates labour laws or engages in criminal activity at work, all those that break the laws will be prosecuted and punished…,’’ reads part of the statement of the Ministry of Labour.

On Friday night, KFC management issued a public statement condemning the acts of aggression violence particularly against female employees or customers saying any such action by an employee is subject to serious disciplinary action as per the Malawi Labour legislation, and swift action will be taken against the perpetrators.

“…KFC has a culture of tolerance, understanding and settling disputes through peaceful means, this culture permeates through our business and the actions of these members of staff does not reflect this culture…,’’ reads KFC statement in part.

The KFC management in the statement promised to fully support any action taken by the Malawi Police Service [MPS] as the matter is being handled. 

By Vincent Gunde

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