October 26, 2021

Prophet Justice Hara to support the youths, establishes foundation

By our reporter

A renowned man of God, preacher and teacher of the Word of God, Senior Prophet Justice Hara, has announced plans to support the youths in Malawi and other countries with skills to run businesses for the betterment of their lives.

Senior Prophet Hara is the leader of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries (ACM) and also the Goodwill Ambassador for the African Youth Union Commission (AYUC) and spiritual son of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is popularly known as major 1.

Job seekers
Senior Prophet Justice Hara
and his spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: Expected to launch youth Foundation in Malawi

Young people in the country continue to face challenges on the labour market despite them constituting 70 percent of the country’s population hence the need for joint efforts by government and other stakeholders to address it.

In an interview with smash, Prophet Hara noted that a lot of young people always blame their governments for not giving them jobs when they can actually acquire skills with which they can create their own employment.

He said, “It is not about having a degree, diploma or certificate. Those are just credentials to confirm that you are qualified in a certain field. They do not make you rich automatically”.

“This life needs people who are very creative to make wealth and alleviate poverty,” added Prophet Hara.

He observed that alot of people who are very rich today supplement their professional careers income with proceeds of their business investments.

“It is not only employment that makes people rich. Never!” emphasized Prophet Hara.

He said he has launched a foundation aimed at motivating the youths, mentoring and training them to utilize their skills without waiting for governments to give them jobs.

According to Prophet Hara, there are a lot of young people who have skills but they do not know how to use such skills to expose and promote themselves.

He said the goal for his foundation will be to unearth all the skills of the youths and support them to achieve their aspirations.

Malawi, like many other developing countries has a youthful population, a majority of whom are unemployment.

Senior Prophet Justice Hara, apart from being a successful and powerful anointed Prophet of God, is also a very successful businessman in south Africa, Malawi and other countries.

3 thoughts on “Prophet Justice Hara to support the youths, establishes foundation

  1. This is good development for Malawi youths, I can’t wait for the detailed program and official launch. God bless Prophet Hara

  2. Good one. I Strongly believe that the concptualisation of the program will consider the lessions from similar initiatives that took place in the past either by Government or the Private sector players-including philanthropic institutions. The challenge has been for me the dumping business ideas to a group of people(Youths) with un checked expections that they will do it right and achieve results. This has failed in a number of similar initiatives. I know you have prepared for this. Just a thought that you should seriously consider the point i have raised. Above that, I am available to offer any support in the design of the operationalisation of the inniciative on pro bono basis. For i believe in this land, and that prosperity is possible.
    My email is

  3. We have suffered yes, it is now time to rise up on our feet through you ourFathers .may God anoint and bless you more

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