July 29, 2021

SADC-Women In Busines (WIB) signs MOU with Unicaf University Malawi

As one way of cementing business partnership among women in  SADC countries, African Women In Business (WIB) has last Friday signed a Memorandun Of Understanding(MOU) with Unicaf University in a bid to support more women to build their business capacities. 

The signing in ceremony was conducted virtualy, with it’s core mission to allow SADC —WIB Propel women entrepreneurs to strengthen wealth creating capacity in development within the enterpreneurial community.

Speaking during the signing in ceremony of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) President of African Women In Business (WIB ), Shiphra Chisa, speaking  live from South Africa, said through the partnership members will have numerous advantages that will assist them in elevating their businesses.

“…Among other issues the Memorandum Of Understanding  in business association will help members to benefit in opportunities such as buying shares in SADC-WIB investiments company and grow their wealth within SADC Region…,” added Chisha.

Vise Chancellor, Unicaf University Dr. Robert Ridley, applauded Unicaf University for partnering with such a Pan African Organisation saying the university will support women enterprenuers to engange in further studies through their online technology platform.

We are fully aligned with African WIBs goals to promote and propel more women entrepreneurs into social and political sphere and promote diversity, equity through our partnership…,” stated Ridley.

Ridley further added that Unicaf will greatly value the multiple national perspective through  its partnership with African WIB through their Malawian office.

He said Unicaf University will provide existing programmes and short courses to African WIB and learning from their practical experiences as well.

African WIB Malawi Chapter Country Head  Clara Mkandawire was delighted to say that the signing in of MOU has marked the beginning of another venture for women in SADC countries adding that it will boost employment opportunities.

“…As you are aware in Malawi we have lack of empolyment, so the signing in of MOU will enable people venture into enterprenuership, the moment people will be skilled and expand their businesses, other people will also join the workforce in turn creating job opportunities…,” Mkandawire said.

SADC Women in Business asociation was founded in 2019, and it is set to become the unifying voice of women-owned businesses in the Southern African Development  and has committee members in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana as well as Malawi just to mention few countries.

By Esnath Kalawe

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