October 26, 2021

Senior Prophet Justice Hara’s 2018 cross over night in RSA rated the best

By Desire Mtawali
Ambassadors for Christ Ministries (ACM) which began in South Africa barely 9 months ago like a torch light, has impressed several men of God across the rainbow nation and beyond.
The church which started like a home cell in the town of Benoni in Johannesburg has been rated the fastest growing in south Africa.
ACM is being led by the highly annointed Senior Prophet Justice Hara, the spiritual son of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is popularly known as Major 1.

Prophet Hara and his wife Hannah at ACM Crossover Night
Hara preaching at ACM Crossover Night
Some of the congregants on Crossover night at ACM Church
Crossover night at Benoni Johannesburg

Senior Prophet Hara is also known as the Game Changer due to his philosophical teachings, moving revelations and prophetic gymnastics.
As various churches and ministries conducted prayers of crossing over to the year 2019, ACM held its cross over prayers as well dubbed Great Increase.
The prayers were conducted at the church’s building in Benoni.
Vehicles had already parked around the premises by six o’clock in the evening and almost all the chairs in the hall had been occupied by people.
Around eight oclock in the evening, there was no space in the hall and the archers had to move some of the people to the church’s down stairs building.
Speaking to our reporter, the Game Changer attributed the growth of his church to the grace of God.
According to Prophet Hara, GOD instructed him to have the 2019 cross over in South Africa.
He said it was a successful cross over because alot of churches opted to come and join him from different locations and different countries.
“We had thousands of people, a lot of prophets, pastors and apostles from different churches who came to cross over with me because of the Love they have for me. They decided not to conduct cross over prayers in their churches and joined me here. That alone must tell you a story,” said Senior Prophet Hara.
One of the other prophets described Senior Prophet Hara as a surprise gift to many pastors, prophets and church leaders in South Africa.
“He is always invited in every church in south Africa to preach and when he steps into your church he makes sure he leaves order in your church. What follows are more open doors,” the prophet testified.
He added: “Senior Prophet Hara is annointed with a special grace which many men of GOD do not have. I have enjoyed to cross over with this father of many, brother to the multitudes and mentor to several”.
One of the visitors who travelled from Zimbabwe said she has been following the teachings of Senior Prophet Hara and added that she is impressed.
“I have no doubt in this man of God, he is a true prophet, annointed and full of revelations. When he gives you a prophesy just expect for a breakthrough. When he advises you just take his word. I am here with my family to cross over with him”.
She added: “Prophet Hara is not a human being. He is a spirit in the form of a human being. GOD indeed lives in him. I have seen men of God before but when I came across this prophet I have been lifted up high”.
Senior Prophet Hara has recently made headlines in many news papers due to his deep revelations, teachings and prophesies.
He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the youths in Africa and is supporting young people to go to school through his Hannah Foundation in Malawi.

6 thoughts on “Senior Prophet Justice Hara’s 2018 cross over night in RSA rated the best

  1. 2019 The year of great increase indeed. Thank you man of God . It’s testimonies upon testimonies already. This year’s crossover night shall always be remembered in my life and my family. I thank God for you!

  2. I am one of the people he helped in paying school fees. I nearly dropped out of school in my secondary school level but he played school fees for me now am a degree holder

  3. Snr hara impresses me I personally am a son of Major 1 and among all his sons there is something unique about his anointing and I pray his ministry continues growing

  4. Snr J is a different soul on earth. I highly appreciate God for such an angel sent to the world…my encounter with a prophet who became my spiritual father turned my life around. I move and operate as a prophetic daughter and there is nothing that can move me left or right. ACM Malawi is a wonder! Because of the grace upon the prophet!! Papa is God’s faithful giant!?

  5. i love my spiritual father, my mentor , my game changer, the very moment i met papa, my life and that of my family changed, God bless you abundantly papa

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