May 8, 2021


Ready to embrace female innovators

Written by Shekinah Zaitun Salanje

As South Africans come to the close of Women’s month , they also celebrate an achievement by female researchers in additive manufacturing. The Council for Science and Industrial Research houses the largest 3D Printer in the world. Seizing the moment to display women’s interest in innovation, during the media briefing at the CSIR yesterday in Pretoria, Dimakatso Gumede (34) and other young female scientists who are pioneering the research on the 3D printer shared with the media the developments they have made so far and also shared on the uses of the 3D printer such as manufacturing airplane parts.

Londiwe Motibane, materials engineering masters candidate at the CSIR.

In 1956 more than 20 000 women marched to the Union building and protested against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This Law meant they would use a form of a passport within the country restricting them from certain areas and was designed to isolate or separate them from a so called superior individual’. The commemoration comes as a reminder among other thoughts that women can have a say and that they should not be looked as an inferior sex but rather given opportunities to speak and also do what they can without being discriminated because of their gender.

Female scientists taking center stage in innovation

Science and Technology which is a male dominated industry is shaping our lives in this modern day and women are gradually getting involved into the field and also staying on top of their game like Dimakatso and her colleagues. Dimakatso advised girls and younger women to boldly take a step into the Science world. She emphasized that with hard work, they could achieve their dreams.


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