May 8, 2021

South African Minister Threatens Newspaper on Bushiri’s Escape

South African Minister of International Relations, Naledi Pandor, has threatened the Sunday Independent Newspaper to retract the allegations it published that South African and Malawi Governments colluded to help Prophet Shephered and Prophetess Mary Bushiri flee to their home country, Malawi.

Pandor, further warns the newspaper that failure to retract the allegations published, will see his Ministry seek legal advice on the matter.

The newspaper alleges that Prophet Bushiri and his wife were given new diplomatic passports bearing fake names before escaping on a presidential jet hired by Malawian President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera while on a state visit to South Africa.

The newspaper alleges that when prophet Bushiri and his wife were in jail in South Africa, a deal was struck by both governments, South Africa and Malawi, for the Bushiris to get out of South Africa, saying this is clearly undermining the justice system of South Africa to allow a politically connected person to live South Africa.

The paper further alleges that pressure was mounted at the South African Magistrate of Pretoria, Thandi Thaledi to give Bushiri and his wife a soft bail and not freezing their bank accounts only his R5.5 million built mansion and leaving the Sparkling Hotel to him as Bushiri will never come again to South Africa.

The R5.5 million mansion seized by the South Africa

The deal purported that the Magistrate could have granted Bushiri a short jail term releasing his wife Mary for no offence committed – only following the footsteps of her husband, but this was refused by Bushiri prompting he and his wife’s escape from South Africa to Malawi.

The paper dismissed claims made by the South African government that it was processing an extradition order for Prophet Bushiri and his wife to be arrested in Malawi and be taken back to South Africa to answer all the charges leveled against him.

Malawi’s Minister of Information Hon. Gospel Kazako is quoted in the South African media that his Government is still investigating how the Bushiris managed to cross borders from South Africa beating the Immigration system of that country saying that is the same with what he did with Malawi’s border posts.

….”Bushiri has a diplomatic passport which is in the hands of the South African authorities, it’s neither true nor correct that the Bushiris have five different passports each having different details, the information is with the Passport office in Malawi.’’…..

By Vincent Gunde

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