July 29, 2021

Teachers Complain of Unjustifiable April Salary Reductions

Teachers in public secondary schools across the country are in shock as their April salaries reflect a K50,000.00 deduction for unjustifiable reasons.

This is a heavy blow to teachers who were recently denied Covid-19 risk allowances as they are allegedly not at risk of Covid-19; despite the meeting held on 13th July 2020 where a recommendation was put forward that teachers were at risk of Covid-19.

According to the Ministry of Education, the deductions have affected not only teachers in public schools, but the entire Ministry of Education saying the Ministry is correcting mistakes made by the Treasury from November 2020 – April 2021.

Reports indicate that Treasury was deducting civil servants 15 percent Pay As You Earn [PAYE] instead of 30 percent as gazetted in the books of parliament.

Meanwhile, devout Malawi Congress Party [MCP] supporter in Dowa, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, has asked the Tonse Alliance Government to clarify why it has deducted money from teachers salaries yet no explanation was given to them.

Kamphangala described the reduction of salaries to teachers as adding salt on top of their injuries as teachers are angry with the Tonse Government due to treating them as useless as evidenced by Government’s silence on the matter of discussing with Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM] outside the court on their long time grievances and concerns of Covid-19 risk allowances.

He said already public secondary schools teachers have noted this anomaly in time and once the public primary school teachers have seen their salaries deducted, they will feel duped by the same Tonse Government which said teachers are not at risk of Covid-19.

…”Public primary school teachers are yet to air out their concerns on received April salaries, if the same has been seen with the primary school teachers, five fingers will again point at the Tonse Government for throwing teachers under its carpet…,’’ said Kamphangala.

The MCP diehard asked Government to issue press statements in time for all teachers including those teaching in the rural areas to alert them of any changes in policies rather than clarifying on the factors that have led to deductions in their salaries, while teachers had already budgeted.

He has since asked Government to honour the Industrial court commitment to have the case of risk allowance be discussed outside the court adding silence from the Government is making it see that the Tonse Government is not to be trusted in with regards to teachers concerns and grievances.

Kamphangala said teachers would be happy if they can alerted on who deducted K13,500 from each teacher out of K15, 000 Cov5id-19 allowances for face masks saying teachers wants to punish those that were behind the decision to be punished by the teachers courts. 

By Vincent Gunde 

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