May 18, 2021

Teachers demands Government hear their cries, pains

The Concerned Teachers of Malawi [CTM] are demanding that the Government hears their cries and pains saying they are not condoms that are to be disposed of after use, they are the civil servants and not civil penguins.

The teachers are demanding Government to consider them as required by law: paying deserving teachers house allowance as most of the teachers do not live in school houses, pay all teachers chalk dust allowances and give teachers soft loans to ease some of their challenges.

They are also demanding that the government raises hardship allowance from K10,000 to K20,000, promote all self -upgrading teachers and promote all long-serving teachers expressing a concern that no teacher should retire at grade L describing this as inhuman.

In the statement dated 31st March 2021 signed by its Secretary General, Azees Losa, and Vice Co-Chairperson, Alinafe Banda, the Concerned Teachers of Malawi says they will follow what Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM] is going to say on the stay-away for the government has rejected giving teachers Covid-19 risk allowances and deceived them to sign the document at the expense of teachers going back to school.

The teachers say they believe that the 7 day notice will elapse soon, and they are going to resume stay-away as earlier stated saying it will not be stay away only, but it will be stay far away, enough is enough.

…”We are commending TUM for lately carrying out duties that put the welfare of teachers at heart, risk allowance and PPEs to be specific, this is not enough, let us take the government to court if It continues to pay a deaf ear to our demands…,’’ reads the statement in part.

The CTM says it has structures from zones, districts, regions and national level, saying what comes from them is directly from all teachers across Malawi not selective politically and ill-minded driven teachers as the other group hiding in the name of Concerned teachers and is for government against teachers risk allowance as if they are not part and parcel of teachers in Malawi.

The teachers are encouraging TUM that they are behind them until they see happy faces from teachers hence happy teacher, happy nation, commending parents and guardians who are sympathizing with them that constitutionally, they are doing the right thing by exercising the stay away which will resume soon.

They are sending a message to guardians and parents that it is not by their wish that they practice stay-away but that it is the wish of TUM requesting help in getting from what is theirs from government, adding the Government of Malawi is not serious with education in this country, they do not want their children to be educated yet the upper echelon have their sons and daughters studying in glamorous schools in and outside the country.

By Vincent Gunde

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