May 18, 2021

Teachers Strike – United we Stand Divided we Fall

A retired secondary school teacher and diehard Malawi Congress Party [MCP] supporter, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, has appealed to all teachers in Malawi to be united and not divided as they resume their much anticipated Stay-Away after government deceived them that they would pocket cash in form of personal protective equipment [PPE].

Kamphangala said already government has started issuing threats to teachers that those who will withdraw their services will have their salaries deducted, adding this alone, will divide teachers, hence united we stand and divided we fall.

He said if care is not taken in uniting teachers, government will take advantage to enforce punitive measures to those who will withdraw their services by deducting their salaries contrary to the Ministry of Education Task Force on Covid-19 resolution made on 13th July 2020 that teachers are at risk of Covid-19.

The supporter advised government to understand that teachers in Malawi receive low salaries as compared to their colleagues in the SADC region, pleading with government to sit down with TUM to correct the situation other than issuing threats at teachers, saying this will result into the fall of the government.

…”President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has powers to direct, order and recommend what the teachers have to do, the task force receives orders from the president, many Malawians are angry with the Tonse Government for failing to deliver and this should not extend to teachers, being many in Malawi should not be a crime…,’’ lamented Kamphangala.

Meanwhile, Muvi wa Chilungamo has asked President Dr. Chakwera to forget the inner circle that is advising him wrongly, to address the teachers concerns and grievances for schools not to be disrupted.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah, is pleading with Dr. Chakwera to deal with the teachers issue by himself, tell the teachers if government has no money, they will understand other than throwing them to the Taskforce committee.

…”Malawians of goodwill are aware that Dr. Chakwera as a servant leader can address the teachers issue by himself but the inner circle has more powers than him and is being dictated to push the issue to the taskforce, this will be only worsening the situation….,’’ lamented Jumah.

He expressed hope that President Dr. Chakwera will be Chakwera of the 27thJune -7thJuly, 2020 of bringing hope where there is no hope, saying he is the last in the line of Malawian hopes to raise a flag on whether the teachers can resume their suspended Stay-Away or not, all Malawian eyes are looking at him as he holds the keys for the future of education in public primary and secondary schools.  

By Vincent Gunde

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