July 29, 2021

TNM and Airtel Mobile Data Costs Reflects MACRA Charges

When the Tonse Alliance was elected into Government on 23rd June, 2020, there have been calls for DATA MUST FALL and even some concerned Malawians were mobilizing themselves to demonstrate against TNM and Airtel for not reducing DATA costs.

The appointment of a Broadcaster, Hon. Gospel Kazako as Minister of Information brought a sigh of relief to the subscribers that this will change on the reduction of DATA costs with a hope that he will engage the service providers for a change.

Nine months down the line have gone with DATA MUST FALL  gone to sleep , the Minister himself instead of roaring like a lion has again gone to sleep meaning that all is well with the Tonse Government as long as subscribers are buying internet bundles at an exorbitant charge, all Malawians are happy.

Muvi wa Chilungamo had to send its dogs to the two mobile phone service providers, TNM and Airtel to find out before Malawians put pressure on them in a DATA MUST FALL Campaign where it has been proved that TNM and Airtel are charging subscribers with anger as they are being penalized by Government leaving Malawians into trouble.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah says MACRA is cheating subscribers giving an example of ESCOM which allegedly collects billions of Kwachas making a lot of profits through tarrifs from machineries and transformers bought by the two former Presidents, the late Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda and Dr. Bakili Muluzi.

One of the towers government built towers TNM and Airtel benefit from

Jumah is reminding Malawians that it is MACRA which was sponsoring DPP Blue Night, exposing a culture of stealing where Malawian taxes were entering into individual pockets, demanding President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to hire dogs to catch the thieves.

He is advising President Dr. Chakwera that if he cannot hire Muvi wa Chilungamo as dogs, he can establish his own dogs to report to him directly saying there is more rot at MACRA, Malawians are being oppressed and suppressed, the country is going down and down.

………’’Malawi can develop in 6 years more than Tanzania and Rwanda if the country can hire dogs or President Dr. Chakwera  establishing own dogs to report directly to President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to catch all the thieves in government and parastatals,’’…….says Jumah.

Jumah  is urging President Dr. Chakwera that this not the time for Government to defend the thieves, they should all be brought to book, arrested, prosecuted and charged in court, lamenting that billions of Dollars are entering into Malawi but there is no impact on the ground, Malawi is still a laughing stock by the world demanding the presence of the dogs to report directly to the President.

By Vincent Gunde

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