October 26, 2021

UTM’s youth on Bon. Kalindo’s neck to apologize

The United Transformation Movement [UTM] Youth, dubbed “Team Banyamulenge, SKC sons and daughters”, has requested the Party’s National Youth Director, Hon. Bon. Kalindo to apologize to the President, the Party and in particular, to all UTM youth for the remarks he made against the UTM President Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima.

Hon. Bon. Kalindo, Comedian turned politician has of late been seen turning against the Tonse Alliance Government on stage while acting out dramas, that politicians are fooling Malawians as evidenced with their unrealistic promises that has seen Malawians suffer in their country with many thinking that it is better to remain in Egypt than going to Canaan.

While on the stage, Hon. Kalindo is quoted as having said the Tonse Alliance Government promised three meals in a day yet decided to raise cooking oil; the much touted one million jobs but instead many are losing jobs with companies closing down bringing all the promises to a standstill in a Malawi Wokomela Tonse.

In the statement of seeking clarification on Hon. Bon Kalindo’s remarks against UTM’s President Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima and signed by the Youth’s Secretary General, F. Marida, the youth have given Hon. Kalindo five [5] days to apologize or failing which to resign as a National Youth Director.

“…If it fails again, we shall take further action to ensure that the Youth Directorate is headed by the right person…,” reads the statement in part.

The UTM Youth have made a reference to the video clip circulating on the social media platforms where the Director of Youth, Hon. Bon Kalindo was seen attacking the Party President Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima in public saying as youth, they expect Hon. Kalindo according to his position in the Party to respect the Party and its President but disrespecting their leader for his reason is uncalled for.

The Youth says their expectation was that Hon. Kalindo should be offering solid and wise leadership among the Youth and steer the Youth Directorate for the good of the Party and instead, he is the first person to start throwing stones to the leadership of the Party.

They say they know in Arts, there are two different aspects of jokes, there is a comedy and then there is a satire and to ridicule his leader publicly without his consent is no longer comedy but satire.

Meanwhile, UTM has distanced itself from the press statement calling for Hon. Bon Kalindo to apologize saying Kalindo is a member of UTM National Executive Committee [NEC] manning the Youth Directorate and has always remained loyal to the party ideologies and for record sake, Hon. Bon Kalindo is a member of UTM while Winiko is an independent character and whatever is done under Winiko is no way connected to Hon. Bon Kalindo because the two are different entities.

By Vincent Gunde

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