September 28, 2021


By Dean chisambo


President Arthur Peter Muntharika has warned the human rights defendant coalition for the plan to seal the state house and other state residents during their demonstrations slated on 25 march which they demanding the him to assent the electoral bills.

Am tired with stupidity :APM

Muntharika made the remarks during the unveiling alliance between the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which leads and United democratic front (UDF) rally at Mnjamba freedom park on Sunday in Blantyre.

”HRDC will not seal the state house and am tired with stupidity i will order the police and the Malawi Defence force soldiers to use force during their demonstrations enough is enough , ” says Muntharika.

Muntharika also warn the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Transformation Movement (UTM) leaders Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos klaus Chilima for suspecting them for being supporting the HRDC to conduct the demonstrations in this country.

He further says his party didn’t rig the election because the international observers commented that the election was fair and credible and his party will appeal the verdict which was delivered by the constitution court on 3 February 2020.But he admitted the gathering that if he lose the appeal he his ready to stand as president in the fresh election, and he assured the gathering that the DPP and UDF alliance will win the election with 50+28 %.

Muntharika also says his government has many plans to develop this country that’s why they put in place k13 billion madef loan which was slated last week to help the youth and women to have access to loan  inorder to be self reliant.

Muntharika also hinted on the education which says his government will provide free secondary schools education inorder help the students who comes from poor family to have access to higher education. He also elaborate that the 250 secondary project is in progress and his government will make sure that each and every community has a secondary school.

Muntharika confirm that his government has put enough money for the university students to have access to loan which will help them to finish their studies.

He later says his government slated K90 million through agriculture commercialisation project which will enable the smallholder farmers to have access to loan and government will provide good market to their produce at a good price instead of selling to vendors.

He pledges the gathering that his government will provide each and every communities some development activities like good roads, schools, community colleges, access to safe water and health clinics.

On his remarks UDF president Atupele Muluzi says the reason for his party to alliance with the DPP is because president Muntharika is a patience man, he has shown the world that he likes , believe in democracy and he stabilizes economy in this country and he empowers the youth.

”The UDF party believes in democracy and it believes Malawians to have food and money in their pockets so we have things in common with the DPP , ” says Muluzi.

He further urge the youths to be patience if they want to rule this country because leadership needs patience and the youths must learn from the old leaders.

On his sentiment DPP vice president for the Southern region Kondwani Nankhumwa who is the minister of Agriculture irrigation and water development hailed president Muntharika for the alliance which will develop this country.

He urged the DPP and the UDF members to put God first and they must stop discrimination against each other and unite inorder that the development of the country and peace to proceed and they must support the alliance.

On her part DPP secretary General Gerazelda Jeffrey says DPP will meet the HRDC in the streets and she urges the people to register in larger number inorder to vote in the upcoming fresh election.

UDF secretary general Kandi padambo says the leadership of Muntharika encourage democracy, peace and unity, and he hail Muntharika for abolish the quarter system and re-introduce JCE and also for establish National economic development.

The Human Rights Defendance Coalition (HRDC) told reporters in Lilongwe on Friday that they will seal the state house if Muntharika fail to assent the electoral reforms bill and fire the Malawi electoral commission (Mec) chairperson Jane Ansah and all the commissioners which the parliament passed during the mid budget review as the concourt ordered.

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