May 8, 2021

Bwalo la Chewa, CHEFO Condoles Malewezi’s Family

His Royal Highness Dr. Paramount Lundu, Paramount Chief of all the Chewas in Malawi, Chewa National Governing Council [NGC] of Malawi and Bwalo la Chewa Foundation, [BOLA-CEFO], has sent a message of condolences to President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, the bereaved family and Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO], following the untimely demise of the first democratically elected Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Justin Chimera Malewezi.

Paramount Dr. Lundu, the NGC and the entire Bwalo la Chewa Foundation say the death of Dr. Malewezi has touched the souls of the Chewa family in Malawi.

On its part, the Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] says the Foundation and all the Chewa family will greatly miss Dr. Malewezi, who until his death was the Chief Advisor to Paramount Chief Kalonga Dr. Gawa Undi of Zambia.

…”Dr. Malewezi was also the first chairman of Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] during its inception in 2004…,’’ reads CHEFOs statement.

Meanwhile, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has described Dr. Malewezi as one of the pioneers who fought for the democracy Malawians are enjoying today, saying he dedicated his entire life to national building through the various offices he held in government including that of Secretary to the President and eventually Vice President of the Republic.

President Dr. Chakwera says Malewezi’s family values, his strong roots and love for the heritage, his wisdom in dealing with national matters, his love for the arts, are some of the accolades Malawi as a nation, will miss him.

…”Our prayers go to the Malewezi family, all the bereaved, and the entire nation, for losing the last one of their statesman…,’’ reads Dr. Chakwera’s condolence message on the wall.

And in his condolence message, Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima and Madam Mary Chilima says every nation deserves sober, wise, calm, steady and respected senior citizens with a track record of honour and decorum, a voice all citizens can respect in times of need to tidy up matters of national harmony, death has brutally deprived Malawi that icon.

Dr. Chilima says the LORD gave Malawians a deep sanctuary of great and honourable virtues too numerous to catalogue, yet GOD has taken back home his own, Glory to be his throne in the highest saying as they walk across the valley and watch over a nation they loved so much and served so honestly with distinct diligence, they pray him intercede for them as they navigate through challenges present and yonder.

…”Our prayers and love are to Madam Malewezi, the children, family, friends and all Malawian, for this most painful loss…,’’ reads Dr. Chilima’s writing on the wall.

By Vincent Gunde

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