July 29, 2021

CDEDI Demands Msungama Fired for MK9.4 Billion Swimming Pool

The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI] says it has learnt with shock that the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Sports intends to construct a MK9.4 Billion world class swimming pool at the Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe.

CDEDI says all Malawians of goodwill believe the swimming pool is not a priority area to invest in at this material time when the nation is also grappling with unprecedented suicide cases among the youths.

The organization is therefore demanding the government to fire Minister of Sports Hon. Ulemu Msungama and announcing the discontinuation of this insult to the majority of Malawian youths who seek decent livelihood opportunities.

In a statement dated 4th May, 2021 signed by its Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa, CDEDI is warning government that should it proceed with its decision to construct the swimming pool, it will not hesitate, but mobilize the youths to stand up and refuse to be used as pawns.

Namiwa: We are warning the government on the matter

CDEDI is reminding government that Malawi is currently faced with a number of challenges in the health, education and economic sectors saying it is unimaginable for the country to spend such amounts on luxurious sports complex which shall soon become a white elephant, and a drain for the country’s  hard earned taxes when time for maintainance works arrive.

The organization says it is uncalled for, for a well- meaning leader to invest such a colossal amount in a project that will benefit a few when the same government is elusive on the future of one million jobs the youths were promised, when the country’s cities and towns have bad road networks and when the health and education systems are falling apart.

The notification that sparked debates

It says it believes that the current Minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Ulemu Msungama MP, is giving President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera wrong advice, saying Malawi does not need a world class swimming pool as Msungama wants both the president and the voters to believe, that they need facilities like the St. John of God’s Center that should provide sporting, counseling and guidance to their youth.

…….’’Malawi youths need one million jobs hence our call for the release of the much-awaited new cabinet so that there is someone to champion the creation of one million jobs, Malawi youths need adequate spaces in primary and secondary schools as well as in its colleges, Malawians need community play grounds filled with counseling facilities across the country to avert the surging cases of suicide,’’…..reads part of the statement.CDEDI says the development of constructing a world class swimming pool has given credit to speculations that some Malawi Congress Party [MCP] officials have direct financial interests in the project, and to avoid such speculations, President Dr. Chakwera should stop the project immediately.

BY Vincent Gunde

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