June 19, 2021


By: Vincent Gunde


The Centre For The Future ( CFF), has asked president Peter Mutharika that if he wants to receive dignity, he should come down his tone saying Malawians won’t respect him with his hate speeches.

Pic: CFFs chairperson, Saunders Jumah… write speeches for the party not feel ashamed…

The Centre has also asked DPP gurus to always write speeches for APM for the party not to fill ashamed of what is coming out from his mouth at the podium.

The CFF was reacting to the speech made by Mutharika in Mulanje on Thursday threatening to deal with opposition leaders for inciting violence in the country.

Its chairperson, Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, reminded APM that he was the first one to call for a dialogue meeting with the opposition and a week later castigated them.

Jumah said Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima need to receive full respect because they have a large followers that are not happy to see Mutharika’s tip ex activities being influenced on them.

He said Chakwera has over half of MPs in the national Assembly, Chilima got over 1 million votes during the fraudulent elections while Atupele Muluzi has ten MPs saying all these, signifies that the opposition camp deserves full respect for peace and security.

Jumah asked the DPP to discipline Mutharika saying he is the one inciting violence in the country through his uncensored words saying the Spear of Truth ( Muvi wa Chilungamo) will never be threatened or scared but to stand for the truth that Malawians do not want Mutharika to be their leader.

He said had it been that all parties in Malawi were DPP, violence would have been the older of the day but thanks that opposition parties are for peace.

Jumah asked APM to prove to the nation that UTM, MCP and HRDC incites violence assuring him that all the blame will go to his party for taking Malawians as useless people.

He appealed to all those who will be contesting for various positions in DPP after Mutharika is gone, to censor their words saying Malawians will judge them for their evil acts.

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