June 19, 2021

Chakwera Registers Disappointment Over PACs Rejection of Chizuma

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has registered his dismay and disappointment with the Public Appointments Committee [PAC] of Parliament for its recent decision to reject his appointee, Ms. Martha Chizuma, for the post of Director General for Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB].

Dr. Chakwera said not only does this decision deny Malawians the services of a strong warrior but also delays Government plans to empower the ACB to recruit additional prosecutors and implement the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 11[ 2019-2024].

He called on the honourable House to put political and personal interests aside and do its part in accelerating the change Malawians fought for.

Speaking during the State opening of the 2021/2022 budget meeting in Lilongwe, President Chakwera appealed to the Judiciary to expedite the creation of special courts to efficiently dispose of cases of corruption and theft of public funds.

He said the fight against corruption is integral to the creation of wealthy, jobs, and food security for Malawians saying if tax funded loan is corrupted by greed and partisanship, then its intended purpose of stimulating economic activity, inspiring agribusiness and lifting young entrepreneurs out of poverty is defeated.

The President said his Administration’s first weapon against any form of corruption is stronger internal controls and consequential regulating systems within all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies [MDAs] saying he summoned the controlling officers of MDAs to account for the use of Covid-19funds from last year.

“…It was apparent that one of the main factors contributing to the theft of public funds in this country, is controlling officers who are either too weak or too negligent or too compromised to hold public servants accountable for their use of public funds…,’’ said President Chakwera.

He said so far, Government has already successfully shut its coffers tight to members of governing political parties who wish to continue the previous regime’s corrupt practice of using public funds to finance political party functions.

President Chakwera said the second weapon against corruption is public accountability through governance institutions that are well-equiped and well-lied to probe the integrity of transactions in both the public and private sector.

By Vincent Gunde

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