June 19, 2021

K15 Million Hon. Baba Steven Malondera Awards, Sunday

The first of its kind, in Lilongwe South East Constituency, Hon. Baba Steven Malondera MP Award presentation ceremony will be held at the Kanjedza Football Club, home ground, Kanjedza Primary School on Sunday, 30th May 2021.

28 football and netball teams, 20 officials, 15 referees and 15 umpires participated in the football and netball leagues making it colorful and uniting all the people of Lilongwe South East Constituency thanking Hon. Baba Steven Malondera for reviving football and netball games to a higher standard.

Hon. Baba Steven Malondera on Saturday interacted with officials running the football and netball leagues in preparation for the big day and for the first time in the history of the area to witnessing the prestigious trophies and K15 Million to be shared to the best sportsmen and women.

According to how the players have fared, the golden boot award has gone to Thokozani Kufeyani of Kamphata FC who scored 51 goals and behind him is Kanjedza FC danger man, Dalitso Freza who had scored 49 goals.

Boba Msampha of Bisai FC was voted the best goalkeeper while Steve  Kagona of Mambala FC and Frank Chigalika of Kanjedza FC  will share the money for the second placed best goal keepers after showing impressive performances that they can even manned super league goal posts if they can be trained well and by the best coaches.

The best referee award has gone to Wilson Linde, who if the National Referees Committee can have a look at this young man, his whistle will one day produce miracles officiating Bullets and Wanderers game at the Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre while Hardson Ford came second in the line of officiating football personnel.

In Netball games, Tionge Chang’ombe was voted the best umpire for Diamond, Kukoma Queens, Blue Eagles and Civo nets Queens to shop with Stella Leckson coming second.

On the line of club officials, Davie Azizi has been honored as a special official in the category of General Secretary, Gift Silira was voted the best football chairman while Aida Chimombo was voted the best netball team official.

“…Sunday, 30th May 2021, all roads will lead to Kanjedza Primary School ground in Lilongwe South East constituency, we are encouraging football and netball coaches from Lilongwe City to join us in viewing the best talent identification exercise from the area…,’’ remarked one football fan 

By Vincent Gunde

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