June 19, 2021


By: Vincent Gunde


The Centre For The Future ( CFF), has described the Malawi Law Society ( MLS) submissions to the constitutional court as a shame discrediting all practising lawyers in Malawi.

Pic: CFFs chairperson, Saunders Jumah.,… the MLS has proved siding with thieves….

The Centre says the MLS being Friends of the court, have earned themselves to not being trusted by Malawians that calls some of the lawyers crooks aiming at obtaining money from clients knowing pretty well that they cannot win the case.

It warn the MLS that by siding with the thieves, they have proved that they are friends of the DPP and not Malawians who are fighting for electoral justice.

CFFs chairperson, Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, said the MLS has labelled itself as having a bunch of crooked lawyers that cannot be trusted by Malawians to handle cases of public concerns.

Jumah claims that Malawians have visible evidence that the elections were stolen and are surprised that the learned group of lawyers are defending thieves in court for their evil acts .

He reminded the MLS that the Spear of Truth ( Muvi wa Chilungamo) and Malawians have already made their final submissions to the constitutional court for a verdict, nullifying the elections for fresh elections lamenting that president Peter Mutharika will not appear in court because he is enjoying immunity as provided for in the Republican constitution.

……” Is this immunity also applying to Jane Ansah and Mec commissioners that they cannot be appearing in court?” Questions Jumah.

It says time has now come for the truth to prevail in Malawi observing that Malawians have in mind the names of persons behind killing persons with albinism as revealed by a police officer, Chileka, who is answering the case in court.

Jumah said all Malawians are now aware of who is behind committing several atrocities in the country, a development which is putting to shame, Malawi as a peace loving country.

He is assuring Malawians that he is ready to die for his beloved country, no one will force him to close his mouth and his blood will fuel the democratic revolutions in Malawi.

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