May 18, 2021

MCP diehard tells Chakwera NO to Vision 2063

A Malawi Congress Party [MCP] diehard, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, says Malawi has to learn many lessons from Tanzania and its departed icon of Africa, Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli who was laid to rest in his home village, Chato, on Friday, 26 March 2021.

Kamphangala observed that leaders who have taken over from Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda in 1994 to date do not have the passion for Malawi. Their love is for money to enrich themselves and their families, leaving Malawians to suffer and cry and for their beloved country is below poverty line.

He said from 1964, Malawi has undergone 81 Public Sector Reforms, but none has been successful. All have ended up being implemented on paper while on the ground there is looting of public resources, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and regionalism.

Kamphangala said he would have loved if Malawi abandoned the vision 2063 launched for a shorter vision of five to 10 years; for Malawians to see what the Tonse Government has on its table rather than hiding through vision 2063, mentioning that no one of this generation will reach there.

He said Magufuli has taught Africans that it is possible for African countries to develop without donor support using the readily available resources in that country, adding this should give Malawi a great lesson that it has gold and silver waiting for great leaders to give the people direction for Malawi to turn and not to be a laughing stock of the world.

The MCP diehard said Magufuli had a very lean cabinet, had never travelled outside Africa, used the same minerals left by his predecessors to develop Tanzania to a middle-income economy. He was a no nonsense man when it came to sub- standard work, was conceived by a mother in Tanzania, died in a Tanzanian Hospital in Dar es Salaam and has been buried in Tanzania.

…”Malawi cabinet is a very huge one and it is not delivering to the aspirations and wishes of Malawians, senior government officials have defied orders from President Dr. Chakwera to help in clearing the rubble, corruption, nepotism and tribalism remain the order of the day in Malawi…,’’ lamented Kamphangala.

Kamphangala is asking Malawians to clap hands only when government is doing the right thing at the right place, time and manner and when they see their government has lost direction, they should stand up for government to correct its mistakes and be with the people for all Malawians to enter Canaan.

He is thanking Umodzi Party President Professor John Chisi for openly revealing that he learnt through media reports that government has failed to fulfill half of the promises from his party, meaning that the Tonse Alliance has failed.

Kamphangala said Malawians are all aware that there are some politicians who are hiding in the Tonse government, with no interest to assist President Dr. Chakwera to develop this country, but to see him proved a failure. All are quiet, waiting for 2024 to jump ship and turn against Dr. Chakwera for them to be elected President in 2025 assuring them that they are wasting their time for nothing.

He is advising such leaders to leave the Alliance now for Malawians to trust them instead of waiting for 2024 to tarnish the image of Dr. Chakwera, adding Malawians are neither fools nor stupid, they have seen that in Dr. Chakwera, there is servant leadership. However, some senior government officials, cabinet members and advisors are frustrating his efforts so that Malawians would label Chakwera a failure.

The MCP diehard thus advises President Dr. Chakwera that in the next coming cabinet appointments, he should off-load many and leave five [5] as per Magufuli philosophy, let all the Ministries be run by Principal Secretaries to turn around the economy of Malawi, saying in this way politicians will describe him a dictator, while the citizens that are many, will describe him, a hero.

By Vincent Gunde

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