June 19, 2021

MHRC calls Malawians to vote in large numbers

Urged to vote wisely

By Brian Kanyenda
As the country is drawing closer to Tuesday’s polls the Malawi Human Rights Commission—MHRC has established that this year’s electoral campaign period registered increased violence cases in campaign due to failure of Malawi Police and Malawi Electoral Commission to contain the vice.
According to the report signed by MHRC executive secretary David Nungu the campaign which almost started before its actual time, both MEC and Police failed to use their legal mandate to control violence by among other things arresting and prosecuting perpetrators of the electoral violence.
The report further states that the some of the cases of violence and hate speeches were perpetrated against women who are aspiring candidates or voters.
“The commission observed that both MEC and police did not effectively deal with issues of violence. During unofficial campaign it was noted that MEC could not make use of its available legal recourse to deal with electoral violence,” said the statement.
In the statement Nungu said the report which has centred at evaluating the just ended campaign period and has revealed some irregularities that the period faced during the which has run for two months.
The commission further states that there has been rigging accusations which the electoral body did not put much effort to dig and deal with the allegations which according the commission has an ability to cause voter apathy.
However despite the challenges, the commission has commended MEC for being accountable and transparent throughout the electoral process.

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