September 28, 2021

Minister emphasizes need for strict Covid-19 adherences

Minister of Health, Hon. Khumbize Kandodo-Chiponda MP, has emphasized the need for all Malawians to strictly adhere to the prescribed level 3 measures as these will help to suppress and stop the further transmission of the disease in the country.

Hon. Kandodo- Chiponda said Malawi is observing an increase in the new Covid-19 cases from 1st June to 6th July, 3,032 new cases, 62 deaths have been recorded, saying the admissions in the treatment units have risen from 10 to 109 during the same period.

She said this is the highest number being recorded following the reduced numbers since the end of second wave in February, 2021 saying the increase in the number of cases and deaths is also being observed globally including the SADC countries with South Africa being most hit and Zambia following similar trends.

Speaking to the media in Lilongwe, Hon. Chiponda said the Presidential Taskforce through the Emergency Operation Centre on Covid-19 [EOC] has been closely monitoring the trend of the pandemic in the country seen an increase in the new Covid-19 confirmed cases, admissions and deaths since 1st June, 2021.

“…Based on this increase, data is indicating that Malawi is experiencing a resurgence of the Covid-19 and this indicates that the country is in the 3rd Wave of the pandemic, experts have worked tirelessly to come up with the alert levels to provide guidance on the measures to be instituted on each level…,” said Hon. Kandodo-Chiponda.

According to the measures of containing the further transmission of the pandemic in the country, in markets, there will mandatory wearing of masks, restriction of movement of people from other districts, open from 06;00-18;00 hours, have a market Covid-19 compliance committee to ensure that all the preventive measures are followed and mobile markets to operate once a month.

In funerals, there will be mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing, no vigil or overnight service prayers, burial should take place within 48 hours and have a funeral Covid-19 compliance committee to ensure that the measures are being followed and this should report to the chief or elders.

Sports gatherings should accommodate 100 people and this should include players and officials and no spectators to the games will be allowed, while in places of worship, mandatory wearing of masks , overnight services not allowed and there should have Covid-19 compliance committee to see to it that all measures are being followed.

By Vincent Gunde

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