June 19, 2021


By: Vincent Gunde


News circulating on the social media are indicating that there are plans to kill HRDC chairperson, Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo in 6 days.

Mtambo: I will live

Plots for his assassination are almost in the ears of peace loving Malawians that do not find the real offence Mtambo and his HRDC committed for leading in the fight against electoral justice in Malawi.

The concerned citizens of Chitipa and Karonga has on several times been warning the DPP against killing Mtambo describing him as the brother, father, uncle and more importantly their chief dismissing all claims levelled against him as a foreigner from Burundi.

Copied from Timothy Mtambo’s wall,…..” we owe it to you”…., Mtambo has described those hired to assassinate him as evil sons and daughters of darkness questioning them on how long they are going to waste Malawians hard – earned taxes paying thugs to kill him.

Mtambo alleges that the DPP in its meeting agreed to hire 5 foreigners who assured it that he shall be dead in 6 days saying they have paid these people a lot of money and promised them that upon completion of the mission they shall be thanked handsomely.

He is assuring the DPP that he will not die saying Mutharika and his evil team do not own his life and has never taken anything asking them to stay away from his life.

……You and your evil team stay away from me. God created me for a purpose. I will live and glorify his name ….reads part of his writings.

The HRDC chairperson claimed that God didn’t create him for them or anybody to kill him .

He warned the DPP that if they continue fighting him they should know that they shall not win and they are fighting God and they will miserably lose.

Pic: President Professor Peter Mutharika…. not owning Mtambo’s life……

Mtambo claims that all the DPP plans to kill, reaches him everyday and is not scared of Mutharika or anybody saying the struggle for a better Malawi will continue and nobody including Mutharika will stop it, urging them to get ready , worship a powerful and awesome God.

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