June 19, 2021

NOCMA in Three Billion Kwacha Missing Fuel Scam

Malawians have awakened to an investigative report alleging that 2 million litres of diesel, worth over MK3 Billion, was shared among public officers at National Oil Company of Malawi [NOCMA] between January 2018 – January 2019.

Reports from 15th May 2021 allege that the money was transferred to the individuals, and their names deliberately withheld, through Airtel Money and TNM Mpamba in the range of K400,000 to MK1.5 Million

Fuel tankers were dispatched to deliver the diesel at Aggreko sites, NOCMA hehad engaged Rashy Motors Transport for the transportation of that fuel but the investigation has proven that the tankers were not recorded in the security guards register at the Aggreko sites.

The report is believed to be in the hands of the Office of the President and Cabinet. During the same period, ESCOM lost 2 million litres of diesel worth over MK 2.9 Billion after it entered into a contract with NOCMA to supply diesel to Aggreko Limited sites, including Kanengo and Kasungu.

A Malawi Congress Party [MCP] supporter from Dowa district, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, observed that there are many reports which have been handed to President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for his action, but little has been seen, questioning Government to investigate who is sitting on the files.

Kamphangala stated that already many Malawians do not have a clear picture of what Government is doing with the reports the MK6.2 Billion and K17 Billion disappeared Covid-19 funds, saying all these questions require President Chakwera to address the nation.

He said Malawians want Government to fulfill the promises made that the real thieves will enter the prison gates while those suspected to have stolen chickens are released, adding that promise is more one million jobs, Government  has on its table.

“…10 Months have gone by, how many have been imprisoned? Zero. What is Government doing to address the suffering of the poor while those who are serving prison sentences for stealing chickens are just waiting to be released from prison?…” questioned Kamphangala.

The Party supporter said Malawians are fed up with reports handed over to President Chakwera, with no action being taken and is advising the President to adopt Magufuli philosophy by ensuring that all involved are prosecuted and charged for prison sentences.

Kamphangala is asking the President to side with Malawians and not politicians; of whom many of them are thieves, development that has made Malawi poorer than it was before gaining independence in 1964.

He added that had the Chakwera-Chilima presidency lived up to its word of arresting, prosecuting and charging thieves who have destroyed the country, many thieves would have been in prison by now, yet on the disappointing side, the thieves are still in Government continuing thieving.

By Vincent Gunde

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