June 19, 2021

SSBO Pledges to Work with Government on Relocation of Refugees to Dzaleka

Small Scale Business Operators (SSBO) has pledged to work hand in hand with government on relocation of Refugees to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Speaking in a meeting with the concerned small scale businessmen and women in Lilongwe, SSBO spokesperson of Blantyre, Tennyson Mulimbula said they are to work with government so that refugees and asylum seekers operating businesses in the localities understand that they are not chasing away from this country, but they have to relocate back to refugee camp at Dzaleka.

Mulimbula said, “We are wondering why they are reluctant to follow the order made by government; we are going to work hand in hand with the government to make sure that all refugees and asylum seekers operating businesses in our localities comply the order.”

“We are not going to force them but we believe that they are going to comply since the government has other departments like the immigration and the police; and it is our duty to inform the police and immigration officers whenever these people are in our localities.”

He added that Malawi is known as a peace loving nation where the people respect the laws and follow proper procedure. They expect the Minister of Homeland Security to make a statement on the injunction which was lifted by the high Court on Wednesday stating they will going to do everything peacefully.

The SSBO want small scale business to be run by Malawians their localities not the foreign nationals as unemployment is very high in the country. They warned people, including chiefs and landlords, who would seek to hide the foreign nationals in the localities not to do so.

The High Court of Malawi in Lilongwe lifted the injunction which was obtained by a foreign businessman – the injunction wss to halt the relocation of refugees and asylum seekers back to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Meanwhile a certain refugee nation has also take the injunction in Blantyre high Court through Judge Mandala Mambulasa on Wednesday afternoon which will allow them to remain operating their business in localities until the court review injunction.

By Dean Chisambo

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