June 19, 2021

Stiff laws to traffickers

By Dean chisambo

Ministry of homeland security has put in place stiff laws to deal with whoever would want to be a traffickers or caught in the act.

Speaking during the fundraising gala dinner in support of trafficking in persons victims on friday in Lilongwe chief director in the ministry Kennedy Nkhoma said human trafficking is a major problem in Malawi.

Human trafficking is a major problem in Malawi :Nkhoma

”Those that have been trafficking outside Malawi, some of them have been assisted by friends, relatives and some of them has been assisted by some people that have evil intentions.

”And it is a scag which we don’t want to condemn not to condon in Malawi because it makes those people that trafficked outside this country suffer in the country that they have gone to.

”They have been promised a lot of good jobs unfortunately when they go there they end up in different parts of activities, ” said Nkhoma.


As chiefs we have a big role to play :Kwataine

In his remarks Senior chief Kwataine of ntcheu district said the ministry has come up with the issue of fundraising to build a shelter to save the people that has been rescued from traffickers.

”As chiefs in Malawi we have a very important roles to play through disseminating massages to our respective communities inorder to make sure that they are quite aware activities
that leading to human trafficking in Malawi,”said Kwataine.

In her sentiment high Court of Malawi judge justice Fiona Mwale said it’s quite important to look the issues of trafficking because it faced number of challenges.

”The victims are not having access to services, shelter and trafficking has occurred the number of traumatic situation that goes through and there is need to for these persons to kept somewhere while the issues have been investigated, ” said Mwale.

In the events the public sector, private sector, non governmental organizations, media house and six individuals received the awards for playing a big role reporting the trafficking issues and zodiac broadcasting cooperation won the best media house award on the issue of human trafficking.

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