June 19, 2021

Teachers Failing to Provide Proper Services to Learners

It is alleged that in most public primary and secondary schools, learners and students are not being provided with proper services as in the past, for teachers feel duped and lied to by the Tonse Alliance Government, under the leadership of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, because of the Covid-19 risk allowances issue.

In majority of the schools, teachers are going to their schools but teaching and learning is not being conducted effectively and teachers are allegedly busy seeking the way forward after government duped and lied them.

In December, 2020 all teachers attended Covid-19 training for face masks sewing, they were to be given K15,000.00 as allowances but were instead given K1,500.00 and no explanation has been made to this day. Teachers want their K13,500.00 balance credited to them as it seems the government has buried its head in the sand that teachers are not at risk of contracting Covid-19.

The budgeted Personal Protective Equipment [PPEs], which government is reported to have procured except face masks, are yet to reach the targeted schools; teachers and students are washing their hands with water without soap nor sanitizers, a development which has revealed that money meant for PPEs in school were abused in between Ministry of Education officials and the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19.

Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM] President, Willie Malimba, has since told one of the local radios in the country that following the signing of the pact to resolve risk allowances outside the Industrial Court, Government is yet to propose a day when the two could begin discussions.

Malimba said Government has shown no commitment to resolve the issue with teachers and this has caused teachers across the Country to lack dedication and falter in providing proper services to learners and students.

Meanwhile, a Malawi Congress Party [MCP] diehard from Dowa, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangala, has asked President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to come in and intervene for the second time to resolve the risk allowance issue with teachers for them to go to school with happy faces.

…”Two weeks have gone by with no sign of commitment to start discussions as ordered by the court and we don’t know when they will be ready for discussions…,’’ he said.

Kamphangala alleged that children in most of the schools are being taught one to two subjects a day, and spend the rest of the time outside playing. He added that this demands President Dr. Chakwera to urgently intervene for the sake of the children whose futures could be destroyed in front of teachers that are not happy with the Government they elected into power.

…”A country without education is dead, our children are dead and there teachers too. Tell them money or no money, they will listen to you but silence will continue giving an added advantage that the President has duped and lied to them…,’’ said Kamphangala.

By Vincent Gunde

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