October 26, 2021

Two Chewa groupings Meet to Resolve Conflicts

All the roads will on Saturday, 11th September, 2021 lead to the Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] office located at Area 4 in the Capital, Lilongwe where for the first time in the history of the two Chewa groupings will meet face-to-face on one table with the purpose of flying the Chewa flag high to prove to the world that there is power in unity.

History records that from Mankhamba the headquarters of the Maravi Kingdom, Lundu and Undi were brothers born from one mother, Nyangu. The two have one root and one blood despite Lundu settling himself among the a Mang’anja tribe in the Lower Shire while Undi settled himself in Zambia. The two have a great uniting factor that flow in their blood which will overpower the causes of their conflicts.It is on record that since its inception, CHEFO has been an international organization for the Chewas of Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi organizing Chewa Kulamba ceremonies annually at Mkaika in Eastern Province of Zambia where chiefs had to take with them treasures contributed by their subjects to present to Gawa Undi as the King of all the Chewas leaving behind children that would be preserving the Chewa culture. But of late, in the year 2019 on 7th September a new development emerged among the Chewa tribe in Malawi where Bwalo la Chewa was registered as the a voice for all the Chewas in Malawi, whose launching ceremony was done in Dowa. During the launch, they agreed to be holding annual Chewa festivals consisting of all Chewa dominated districts on rotational basis, this meant that the Chewa in Malawi will not find it necessary to travel to Zambia to present their gifts at Mkaika. It is from this development that a rift of disagreements erupted which led to divisions.

It is in the interest of the Chewa Tribe that the meeting between Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] and Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA-CEFO] will tackle the emerging issues which caused disunity, forcing one group to be following Kalonga Dr. Gawa Undi of Zambia as their King and the other to follow His Royal Highness Dr. Lundu.

The Chewa’s Kulamba Ceremony is a symbol of unity

And it is high time that the divisions that have been lingering among the two Chewa camps be resolved once and for all. According to an inside source, the aim of the meeting which has been initiated by Chewa Heritage Foundation [CHEFO] is for the two groupings to reconcile on issues they are differing so that all represent the Chewas as one and not two groupings claiming that this derailing progress among the Chewa people. Speaking in an interview, Bwalo la Chewa Foundation’s National Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, expressed hope that all the Chewas of goodwill will receive the good news of the two groupings meeting, saying this will give an opportunity to discuss their problems that have made them not to unite for years. Reverend Somanje said all parties are ready to start holding negotiations saying it is the wish of all the Chewas in Malawi to be united and not to be divided by two groupings from the same Chewa tribe…’’All well-meaning Chewas will receive the good news as the first part of reconciliation process for the two groupings. The two will work as one family from the same mother, Nyangu,’’…said Reverend Somanje.

The Chewa tribe is the biggest on the land comprising of over 14 million people and has one Paramount Chief, His Royal Highness, Dr. Lundu, who is Patron for Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA-CEFO].

By Vincent Gunde

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